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We are a startup specialized in the development of software and applications dedicated to the optimisation of winnings in online casinos.

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How does our software operate?

By analysis and repetition, we managed to partially reproduce the RNG algorithm used to simulate the random aspect of the game on several online casinos. Indeed, on a roulette table in a physical casino, the place where the ball will stop is totally impossible to determine in advance, whereas on an online casino, it is just a very complex mathematical formula.

We have found a way to partially reproduce this formula and thus determine precisely the numbers drawn in the future.

The principle of our software is to calculate, based on the number that came out previously, the ones that will come out in the next spins - this operation returns 36 times the player's stake.

How much does the use of the roulette software cost?

To fully devote ourselves to our research and be able to invest in expensive technologies, we finally decided to charge for the use of our roulette software. The method we chose is, from our point of view, the fairest and most enjoyable option for new users: Profit Sharing.

Every 1st day of the month, and within 10 days, you will need to send 25% of the profits you made with our software to our accounting department.

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